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Welcome to our Adult Social Care and Health Procedures, Practice Guidance and Tools

Our vision for people we support is "Making a positive difference every day, supporting you to live as full and safe a life as possible and make informed choices."

Achieving this means putting the person first, improving all the time and measuring what matters – our three core principles for adult social care.

These procedures should be used as required by practitioners across all adult social care teams and services in Kent.

The information included will:

  • Guide and inform practice;
  • Provide information about local policy and procedures for social workers, occupational therapists and other social care practitioners in Kent; and
  • Keep practitioners up to date with local and national developments in adult social care.

Kent ASC & Health Documents and Templates

The guidance on this site is based on national legal requirements and best practice. Some sections have been localised but to ensure that your practice meets and reflects our internal processes and local requirements, you should always check the Kent ASC & Health Documents and Templates area. This is where you will find internal processes, documents and internet/intranet links to support effective implementation of the procedures. You can access these directly from the navigation bar above or the big button below. Throughout the site, this area is also referred to as the Local Resources.

PLEASE NOTE: The resources in the Kent ASC & Health Documents and Templates section are currently under review.

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Children’s services and transitions

Practitioners working across both children's and adult services can easily access the Children's Procedures here.

Last Updated: April 4, 2024