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Safeguarding Adults

Use the links below to access sections of the Care Act 2014 resource for information about the legal requirements of all safeguarding under the Act.

  1. Aims and Principles of all Adult Safeguarding;
  2. When Safeguarding Duties Apply;
  3. Identifying and Reporting Abuse and Neglect;
  4. The Response to a Concern about Abuse and Neglect.

See: Identifying and Reporting Abuse and Neglect, which is part of the larger Care Act 2014 resource.


Members of the public, external organisations and professionals:

You should let us know if you are worried or concerned about an adult who:

  1. Has care and support needs; and
  2. Is experiencing or is at risk of abuse or neglect; and
  3. Is unable to protect themselves from abuse or neglect.

You can tell us about your concern by filling out our online form:

Caption: online form


Link to online form

Member of the public

Report Abuse

External organisation or professional

Information for professionals: Adult safeguarding forms (link to

If you can contact us on:

Tel: 03000 41 61 61
Text relay: 18001 03000 41 61 61
Out of hours Tel: 03000 41 91 91

If you need help in an emergency (someone needs medical care or a crime has been committed) please call 999 immediately and do not proceed with the above.

If your concern is not of a safeguarding nature but you would like adult social care to assess your care and support needs (or the care and support needs of someone else), you can visit our website:

See: How to get social care help.

ASC staff:

Concerns should be discussed with your line manager and concerns should be raised directly with your safeguarding team.

Our digital form is for external partners and members of the public only. As such, ASC staff should continue to raise a Safeguarding concern via Mosaic and submit a next action to the appropriate locality OR via the clipboard:

Name of virtual worker

Caption: Name of virtual worker

Safeguarding Duty North Kent

Safeguarding Duty West Kent

Safeguarding Duty Ashford and Canterbury

Safeguarding Duty Thanet and South Kent Coast


During day and office hours:
Tel: 03000 41 11 11 (text relay 18001 03000 41 11 11)

Out of hours:
Tel: 03000 41 91 91

If you are concerned that a child is in imminent danger from abuse or neglect, or that a criminal act has taken place you should contact the police by dialing 999.

See: KMSAB Policies and Procedures.

They set out specifically how the Local Authority works with other organisations in the area, such as the police and the ICB to fulfil the requirements of the Care Act, including how they:

  1. Prevent and protect adults at risk from abuse;
  2. Empower and support adults to make their own choices;
  3. Investigate actual (or suspected) abuse or neglect; and
  4. Support adults who are at risk of, or experiencing abuse or neglect.

In line with the Care Act 2014, Kent has a Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB).

See the Safeguarding Adults Board section of The Care Act 2014 and find out more about:

  1. The aim of Safeguarding Adults Boards;
  2. Their role and statutory duties;
  3. When boards must carry out a Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR).

For further information about our Safeguarding Adults Board, see Kent and Medway Safeguarding Adults Board.

Last Updated: January 12, 2024